Children who need comprehensive evaluation and conservative treatment of musculoskeletal or neurologic conditions may benefit from an appointment with our pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation (physiatry) specialists. Physiatrists treat a wide array of problems including congenital developmental disorders, sports injuries including concussion and overuse disorders, chronic neurologic disabilities, disorders related to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and spine disorders. We have expertise in the diagnosis and management of comprehensive care for each child as a whole.

Physiatrists are specialists in treating congenital developmental disorders, including but not limited to cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spinal muscular atrophy and spina bifida. Our physiatrists are skilled in ultrasound imaging, baclofen pump management and injections for spasticity. They take an interdisciplinary approach to work with other specialists such as neurology, orthopedics and genetics to help take care of your children.

Cerebral palsy center

Our physiatrists see patients in the cerebral palsy center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, where the philosophy is that every child deserves the chance to grow up and become independent. They are committed to helping children with cerebral palsy live as independently as possible and assist in the transition and management of individuals with cerebral palsy who reach adulthood.

Sports medicine

Our physiatry provide conservative solutions to sports-related injuries. Our specialists have experience treating athletes within the St. Louis area, as well as providing medical coverage for high schools and performing arts studios across the St. Louis region. They specialize in concussion management, along with other sports related musculoskeletal and neurologic injuries.

Ultrasound services

The use of ultrasound enables physiatrists to obtain live images of bones, muscles and nerves to evaluate injuries and to assist in procedures such as botulinum toxin or steroid injections. This allows us to make assessments at bedside without obtaining X-rays and to perform guided procedures more safely and effectively.


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Sherea M. Smith, MD

Sherea M. Smith, MD

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Pediatric Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Nurse practitioners

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Sutira Piyajessadakul, NP

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